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  1. TECNOBODY Sp. o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at street Lentz 10A, entered into the register of the National Court Register kept by the District Court. st. Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number 0000437516, NIP: 9512361384, REGON: 146358441 (hereinafter hereinafter: the "Company" or "TECHNOBODY"), conducts studies Training EMS.
  2. The services provided by TECNOBODY can use minors as well as people over 13 (thirteen) years old, if present written consent of the legal representative to conclude an agreement with the Company, as well as written consent to participate in a minor training EMS.
  3. Before the exercise, each customer is obliged to sign the Charter of Participation in EMS training together with a statement of completion of the course at your own risk. In the case of minors card Participation should be signed by the legal representative.
  4. The Company is not responsible for injuries to the customer, unless the injury was not caused due to reasons attributable to the Company.
  5. The client uses the services is obliged to an earlier purchase a single entry, or purchase Ticket according to the price list of the Company. Payments must be made in advance before the start of the first class in the Studio.
  6. Payments may be made in cash or by bank transfer to the following bank account of the Company: 79 1240 1040 1111 0010 6591 9562.
  7. Purchased tickets are registered. Pass is not transferable.
  8. Purchased tickets are non-refundable
  9. Promotional price of 99.00 zł (ninety-nine thousand) for the first two training sessions is only valid on condition that the customer agrees to share pictures during exercises on Fanpage TECHNOBODY.
  10. EMS training voucher is valid for two (2) months from the date of purchase voucher. Unused inputs within the ticket are not recoverable.
  11. Price single-input and ticket pass does not include insurance against accidents.
  12. EMS training and lymphatic drainage are held by appointment. You can make an appointment in person at Studio, telephone, e-mail or through the form on the Company's website.
  13. Appointment may be canceled by the customer without penalty provided that they notify the Company of the cancellation of 24 (twenty four) hours in advance. An appeal may be made by telephone or SMS by phone: 885-963-963. In the case of an effective cancellation of a service may be used at a later date. If you do not appeal visit accordance with the provision of the first sentence, it will be deemed to have been completed.
  14. In justified cases, the Company may cancel the appointment, which will inform the customer.
  15. EMS training lasts 20 (twenty) or 25 (twenty-five) minutes (Cardio EMS) treatment drain 50 (fifty) minutes.
  16. The customer is obliged to timely putting your appointments. If the customer is late for more than fifteen (15) minutes, the service will be considered to have been completed, or a countdown of the time delay of its duration. I'm late coach does not affect the length of training or procedure.
  17. EMS training and drainage treatments take place only with the assistance of a trainer TECHNOBODY. It is forbidden to use and self-handling equipment in the studio by customers.
  18. The customer is obliged to follow the recommendations of a TECHNOBODY personal trainer.
  19. The customer is obliged to immediately report the coach all the relevant circumstances for the proper and safe conduct of the services, in particular the observed physical problems at home.
  20. A coach can interrupt training or treatment, if it considers that further their continuation could endanger the health or life of the customer.
  21. The customer is obliged to have a towel training, sports footwear parts, as well as water for fluid replacement during exercise.
  22. The customer is obliged to have MIHA BODYTECH laundry or her free rent in Studio before you start training.
  23. In the studio is an absolute ban on alcohol and drugs, as well as possession of drugs. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs or having drugs, will be sought, the Studio and the entrance from which they wanted to use it is considered used.
  24. The customer is obliged to close the lockers in the locker room, which leaves your stuff. For valuables left in the locker room or at the Studio TECHNOBODY is not responsible.
  25. The customer is obliged to use the premises, facilities and equipment belonging to the premises in a manner consistent with their purpose. The customer bears full responsibility for the damage or destruction of the premises, facilities or equipment belonging to the premises.
  26. TECHNOBODY is entitled to take photographs of their objects for advertising and promotional purposes, including unintentional fusing the image of clients, provided this does not violate the rights and freedoms customers.
  27. Studio is monitored using a network of CCTV cameras. The signing of these Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance of the fact of monitoring studies by the Client.
  28. The liability of the Company is excluded, if the damage was due to circumstances caused by the Client, in particular due to the concealment of contraindications, or other circumstances that affect the proper and safe conduct EMS training or treatment of lymphatic drainage.
  29. Complaints regarding the conduct of training or drainage should be reported immediately after its completion. Objections raised at a later date will not be considered.
  30. Audio recording, filming, photographing the training and the studies without the permission of the coach is prohibited.
  31. Failure to comply with regulations may be grounds for termination of cooperation between the TECHNOBODY client.

I hereby consent to capture, use and reproduction of images and recordings of my participation carried out during training in TECHNOBODY Studio without their approval each time in order to promote the services offered by the Company. I declare that the Regulations have been delivered to me prior to entering into agreements with the Company. I declare that before the conclusion of the Agreement have read the Terms, understand it and accept its contents.