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Lymphatic drainage is performed by means of a special device BALLANCER, manufactured by Mego Afek company from Israel – the world leader in the production of professional equipment for orthopaedic clinics and hospitals. For this reason we are unrivalled in terms of quality of service in the field of mechanical compression massage.

Lymphatic massage is recommended for people who want to reduce cellulite and burn body fat, and firm their skin. It is an excellent treatment for the problem of water retention in the body, and its regular use results in a reduction of body measurements in the applied areas. In addition, as the lymphatic drainage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, it alleviates leg pain, reduces swelling, and has a cleansing and relaxing effect.
The combination of the hi-tec BALLANCER system with proven effects of pressotherapy, will not only significantly improve the appearance and health of your legs, but also give you a sense of well-being. After just one treatment you will be relaxed and feel the relief.


How does it work?

Lymphatic drainage improves lymphatic flow, removes swelling and heaviness of the legs. It is a simple treatment system that can be used by anyone. The treatment is performed with compressed air, which impacts the lower body in the certain cycles. Lymphatic drainage appliances compress air and pump it into the pants according to a special system. In this way gentle, rhythmic pressure waves are generated, starting from the toes and sliding slowly over calf, thigh and bottom to the hip in the course of a few minutes. Lymphatic drainage increases the lymphatic flow, skin elasticity, lowers the effects of cellulite and reduces the volume of massaged parts. The treatment is absolutely pain free and relaxing.


When should you get lymphatic drainage?

    • before or during cellulite treatment
    • during rapid weight loss
    • when you have got “heavy legs” problem (especially women walking in high heels)
    • for a few weeks after birth to improve the health of young mothers legs
    • for the treatment of  swelling caused by fluid retention
    • after an intense workout to speed up the regeneration process
    • for the purification of the body, the lymphatic drainage removes waste products
    • speed up the absorption of bruises and hematoma after injury



The main contraindications of lymphatic drainage:

  • cancer
  • infection
  • skin diseases
  • higher temperature/fever
  • pregnancy
  • menstrual cycle

Why is Ballancer better than competitive products?


Ballancer system is one of the exclusive products from Israeli company Mego Afek. We supply only devices made by the world leading manufacturer that is focusing on lymph drainage systems only. Special suit is equipped with 24 independent air cells in the pants (the cells partly cover one each other). Lymph drainage appliances compress air and pump it into the pants according to a special system. Suit perfectly match to every body type and will massage your legs, buttocks, lower back and abdomen in a very precise way.

You will feel the significant relief after just one treatment lasting 30 minutes.

    • Ballancer is produced by Mego Afek – the inventor of press therapy!
    • The air cells are made of elastic material for the perfect adjustment to the massaged body part
    • Non-stop and 100% accurate measuring of current pressure in the air cells – the device can adopt the treatment according the current pressure t
    • Variability of massages
    • Comfortable usage and great design



for 30 minutes of massage

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