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(Body Shape)
Training time20 minutes2 hours (2 training session)
The optimal frequencytwice a week3-4 a weeks
First resultsafter 4-8 sessionafter a minimum of 12 training
Weight loss (reduce fat)up to 3x faster1x
Improve metabolismyesmostly not
Cellulite reductionyesmostly not
Muscle strength improvementup to 3 x faster1x
Core muscles and endurance trainingalwayswith different exercises
The risk of injury and Stress on jointsnoyes
Treatment for back and hips injuries(back,hips, knees)yesonly with Physiologist
Compensation of muscular imbalancesyesonly with different exercises
Gym and equipment recquired for trainingFull body training with EMSGym
Personal trainerGuaranteed training with personal trainerOnly with additional charge
Costs (monthly pass coach)from 400 złfrom 1200 zł